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  • Americans are split on whether they believe Christine Blasey Ford or Brett Kavanaugh https://t.co/UfFPozpDnD https://t.co/g93usujHOM
  • China's top naval officer canceled a visit to the US to meet with his American counterpart less than 48 hours befor… https://t.co/0hPKRCQ0Hr
  • Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok told CNN he will press the UN Security Council to expand the list of those who sho… https://t.co/sNUc0U65Mf
  • "'Believe women' means not reflexively disbelieving them because you're eager for a vote and an investigation would… https://t.co/4L8ICSEnwu
  • Sam Young, once a bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been excommunicated for criticizin… https://t.co/oxuBUzCd6E
  • The potential departure of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from the Justice Department would mean that overs… https://t.co/S0t3JiXekp
  • "The 'boys will be boys' defense no longer holds. ... If you sexually assault a woman, you are committing a crime,… https://t.co/go1WKr3MKW
  • Christine Blasey Ford sent a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley on Saturday, explaining why she… https://t.co/iIsRhRsFYA
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would get an up or down vot… https://t.co/10I5zZLj2y
  • Tiger Woods' first victory in five years came with a huge ratings boost for NBC https://t.co/VClr6v13pg https://t.co/lG8JDfL9i3
  • "Senate Democrats & their allies are trying to destroy a man’s personal and professional life on the basis of decad… https://t.co/vGNZL424RM
  • READ: Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh defends himself in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee… https://t.co/EN6SbQPmjo
  • A 74-year-old man has been discovered alive five days after his senior living apartment complex in Washington, DC,… https://t.co/oRPwu1mOrA
  • The nonprofit that runs the National Sexual Assault Hotline says there was a 57% spike in calls after Christine Bla… https://t.co/oJhCN4ibBL
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is speaking on the Senate floor, where he's addressing the allegations again… https://t.co/ZD7lrH8Tfl
  • Rod Rosenstein's departure would turn the Mueller investigation on its head | Analysis by @CillizzaCNNhttps://t.co/bndrJXIpHc

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